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Fleabi LED modules


Multi purpose bi-pin and MES (mini edison screw) LED units, featuring SMD and Cree XP-G LEDs. 



from £10 (while available) 


USB / micro USB Li-ion battery pack chargers 


USB & micro (5v input) USB li-ion battery packs chargers; for 3.7v cell packs (including Rude Nora caving lamp batteries) and 7.4v cell packs (including Scurion caving lamp batteries)


from £16 


Scallywag Charger


Car type charger, suitable for use with 7.4 Volt Li-ion battery packs, including Scurion and Stenlight 









Little Monkey Battery Box 


Original Little Monkey Battery box, new condition stock from pre Nora development lamps (circ 2007). Suitable for 2 x 18650 Li-ion cell pack (2p 3.7v or 2s 7.4v), heatshrunk with protection circuitry, such as Rude Nora2 battery packs. Machined from aluminium alloy and black anodised. Easily sealed lid for waterproof solution, upgraded with M8 cable gland suited to 2 core cable diameter 4.5-5.0mm approx. Helmet fixing with machined slots for elasticated shock cord. Box with lid and cable gland only, 18650 batteries not included. Would suit diy lamp build or would make excellent upgrade to Stenlight battery packs. Lightweight, battery box inc. gland 75 grams.


£60  (while available)


Clear Plastic Lamp Window


Machine cut window, manufactured in UK. 69mm diameter, 5mm thick, 6 equally spaced holes for m3 clearance on circ 61mm PCD. Ideal for self build caving light based on LED and electronics in aluminium body with clear plastic front window. Please note, caving lamp pictured is for illustration of the principle only. 


£3  (clearance)