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Blind Bat 20/20 


Limited edition cave photography light 

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Blind Bat 20/20 


Latest version of our Blind bat compact cave photography light, with high capacity li-ion battery. 1000 plus lumen, single power flood output. Operated from 3.7v li-ion battery arrangement capable of providing 3A current at LED. Cree XP-L2 LED, 5000k. Full flood bare LED, with optional drop in diffuser included. One hour plus run time*.


Custom machined aluminium LED lamp housing, anodised finish. Compact, diameter 53mm x 12mm. Lamp body has a 1/4" 20 tpi mounting thread for standard tripod, hot shoe adapter etc. Matching 'Lil Monkey' alloy battery box / tube incorporating 3.7v 3400mAh cell (not compatible with previous version Blind bat lights).


Simple operation, connect lamp to battery to operate. Lamp is thermally limited, which will be most apparent if operated for extended period, for example if filming (even over short periods as produces a fair amount of light output and associated heat). Output will drop automatically when too hot, and steps back up once it has cooled down a little. Or simply disconnect from battery and allow time for Blind Bat to cool down of course. Water resistant design, so cooling can be accelerated significantly by dipping in cave water !! Not depth tested but has lamp front window O ring, waterproof cable glands and waterproof inline connectors between lamp and battery box. 4.5mm diameter cable.


Supplied with charge adapter lead, for charging with Rude Nora micro USB charger. Rude Nora micro USB charger available separately, as chances are that you may well have one of these already. 


Note, photos (left) illustrating camera and tripod mounting are taken from previous version of Blind Bat! The Blind Bat 20/20 uses the same housing, and can therefore be mounted in this way too, via the mounting thread. 


* lamp kept cool in water to avoid thermal regulation of output

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Micro USB Li-Ion Battery Charger (3.7v) 

Rude Nora micro USB 3.7v Li-Ion battery charger. Suitable for charging Blind Bat 20/20 battery pack.



Nora Micro USB Charger

Blind Bat 20/20 cave photography light set 

Set including Blind Bat 20/20 cave photography light, matching 'Lil Monkey' battery box incorporating high capacity 3400mAh li-ion cell (protected), and charger lead compatible with Rude Nora micro USB charger (available separately, as you should already have one !!). 



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'Lil Monkey' 1x18650 battery box (without battery) 

Additional 'Lil Monkey' alloy battery box / tube, in case you wish to construct your own Blind Bat 20/20 battery. Anodised black or matching Blind Bat purple, as available. Suitable for wiring in 1 x 3.7v 18650 li-ion cell (battery not included). 4 core cable, length 200mm, with waterproof connector and stripped wires. Wiring protocol, red & green +ve, black & blue -ve. Skills required to connect up to battery !! 


Available with optional extra long 400mm lamp cable (the other half of the cable) for connection to variety of self build li-ion caving light projects !!


£18 - £20

'Lil Monkey' 1x18650 battery box

Blind Bat 20/20 - charger lead for use with Nora micro USB charger

Note - you will get one of these with the Blind Bat 20/20 lamp set, so this is a spare in case you manage to lose it, or for some reason feel the need to have two.  



Blind Bat 20/20 - spare micro USB charger lead

Blind Bat 20/20 Battery & Lamp Cable 

Additional Blind Bat 20/20 battery and lamp cable, in case you wish to construct your own 3.7v Li-Ion battery packs, charger lead or lamp !!  4 core cable 4.5mm, length 400mm, with waterproof connector and stripped wires. Wiring protocol, red & green +ve, black & blue -ve. 



Blind Bat 20/20 - battery and lamp cable

'Lil Monkey' 1x18650 battery box (with battery) 

'Lil Monkey' alloy battery box / tube 9 (as above), fitted with protected 3400mAh 18650 battery. 


£26 - £28


Out of stock

Blind Bat 20/20 lamp set