FlippinTec is a range of retrofit LED modules for dive lights, historically used by cavers as back-up lights, or for cave diving. FlippinTec modules are currently available for the UK (Underwater Kinetics) Mini Q40, the Princeton Tec-40 (also works with PT Impact XL), the UK (Underwater Kinetics) Sunlight SL4, and the Princeton Tec Attitude. 


FlippinTec modules

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FlippinTec SL- 700 (v2) 

LED module for UK Sunight SL-4 


High output LED module for the UK (Underwater Kinetics) Sunlight SL4 dive light, popular for cave diving. 

FlippinTec Q-350 (v2)

LED Module for UK Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 

FlippinTec T-350

LED Module for Princeton Tec-40 (and Impact XL)





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FlippinTec PT-A  

LED Module for Princeton Tec Attitude 



Flippin Tec modules use the very latest high efficiency Cree LEDs,  with optics providing light distribution optimised for cavers. The modules operate at sustainable power settings, providing an excellent balance between light output and battery duration.

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