Gecko Side v3


The Gecko Side v3 module features latest Cree xp-g3 LED, and provides a broad forward directional flood output, with 4 useful power settings providing over 300 lumens output.  


Now featuring Cree XP-G3 s5 LEDs, providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC and 187 lumen/watt @25degC. Light temperature 5000K and 4000k (neutral white) as available.







  • Simple, push fit replacement for Petzl 5 to 14 LED arrays (or bi-pin bulbs)
  • 4 regulated power settings providing up to 310 lumens (see table below)
  • Latest high power Cree XP-G3 5000k and 4000k (as available), s5 LEDs providing minimum 172 lumens / watt @ 350mA 
  • Ideal upgrade for cavers, providing soft all round illumination, desirable for negotiating cave passage 
  • Significantly brighter than the standard Duo 14 LED array**, and providing improved light quality and battery efficiency
  • Progressive dimming at end of battery charge; lamp will not just shut off when batteries cannot sustain output
  • No power drain when lamp is 'switched off' with batteries connected
  • 6.0 volt maximum input
  • Can be used with Gecko Spot module (discard reflector) or with original halogen bulb (retain reflector) ***





Flood LED




(est.  using 2500mAh

1 (low)


24 lumens

50 hours

2 (med)


73 lumens

16 hours

3 (high)


172 lumens

7 hours

4 (turbo)


310 lumens


* Thermal regulation on Turbo setting. This setting will typically operate for up to 1 minute max (from cold !), and for as little as a few seconds (from warm !) before thermal regulation will step power back to 350mA 'high' setting in order to protect LED from over temperature operation and damage


** Petzl Modu'led 14 (producing a distinctly 'blue' light) is rated at 67 lumens at around 350mA


*** When fitting with Gecko Spot module, discard original reflector. When fitting with original halogen bulb then it is necessary to retain reflector. If replacing a 5 LED array or bi-pin bulb then the original reflector will require modification. 14 LED reflector does not require modification