Gecko Spot v3


  • 310 lumen (700mA) light output, with thermal regulation * if over temperature

  • Latest high power Cree XP-G3 s5 5000k LED , providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC

  • Reflector provides smooth far reaching beam 

  • Easy push fitting, replaces halogen bulb and discarding original Petzl Duo reflector (see below)
  • No power drain when switched 'off' with batteries connected
  • Works with Customduo Side modules or Petzl Modu'led 14 (or other Petzl Modu'led with less LEDs) 
  • Single power setting, simple on / off operation
  • Ideal, low cost complement to Gecko Side module or Petzl modu'led14 
  • 6.0 volt maximum input



Gecko Spot modules offer an effective upgrade to the standard Petzl Duo, largely because the original halogen bulb reflector combination (or LED replacement bulbs) are ineffective. 


Single LED spot module, fitted in halogen position replacing original Petzl reflector. Reflector provides a far reaching beam. Ideal for checking a deep pitch or high aven. Can be used in conjunction with the 14 LED Petzl Modu'led or with Gecko Side Modules.  





* Gecko Spot module incorporates thermal protection. Current control circuit will self regulate if module reaches threshold temperature, reducing to 350mA output with sustained operation. For good battery and thermal management we suggest only using Gecko Spot as an intermittent spotting tool, complimented by a Customduo 'Gecko Side' module.  


Note - if you have a very old Duo that does not light up immediately when following above procedure, then it might be necessary to reverse batteries in battery box as some old Duos were wired up the opposite way. Turn batteries +ve to -ve (and vice versa) and try again. If removing duo module, then use a small screwdriver to lever up module. Do not remove module by pulling on reflector.

Despite the long winded explanation, fitting is in reality very simple. We are not currently aware of any fitting issues. However, Petzl Duo has been manufactured over many years, and there is potential for manufacturing inconsitencies. To date, we have not fitted sufficient v3 Gecko units to identify any potential fitting issues.  However, if you are unable to fit module into Duo, then we will gladly provide full refund of module cost for undamaged returns (excluding postage costs), though we do not fore see any particular issues.


discontinued Gecko Spot modules  Gecko Spot v2  




Gecko spot module is fitted with simple 3 pin push fit into the mes screw fitting used by the halogen bulb. To fit, remove the Petzl Duo front window by un-screwing the grey plastic bezel anti-clockwise. Remove the Petzl Duo reflector and unscrew the halogen bulb.



Now fully retract the zoom feature for the halogen bulb. The zoom lever will be in the down position, and the white halogen bulb holder will be retracted into lamp body. It is important to do this before Inserting the module.


Insert the module, ensuring it is located over the raised yellow pin in the duo body. Refit the front window, tightening bezel to Petzl alignment marks. Refitting front window will hold module securely in place.


Ensure that you have batteries in Duo and switch the lamp on! Grey (and red) lever should be in upwards position. The lamp should not operate at this point!!  (because the zoom feature is retracted and therefore there is presently no electrical contact between lamp and pins on module.

To make this contact, operate the zoom feature forward until a contact is made and the module lights up. Don't over do this as it might be possible to damage optic. 


Once a consistent connection has been established, then the zoom feature should be 'left alone', and the module can now be turned on and off via the main grey/ red switch.