Twin spot and flood mixed LED conversion module for Koehler Wheat Lamp, once popular amongst US cavers. Built as a small batch at customer request, as a fun retro lamp project. We understand that this is a 5200 model Wheat headset. We have no idea if it would fit other Wheat headsets. Limited availability, while stock lasts.



  • Twin LEDs (spot and flood) operating seperatly or combined together 
  • Cree LEDs providing around 400 lumens maximum output 
  • 4 modes in sequence, with 3 second 'last mode' memory
  • 40 lumen (100mA) flood, 140 lumen (350mA) flood, 260 lumen (700mA) spot, 400 lumen (700mA spot + 350mA flood) 
  • Thermal management on high settings 3 and 4, dropping to mode 2 if temperature excessive
  • 3.6v - 6.0v max. Suit battery packs including 3 or 4 NiMh cells, 3.7v li-ion cells, or suitable Lead-acid etc 
  • Simple, seamless fitting into existing bulb contacts in Wheat Lamp (just remove original reflector) 
  • Polarity can be reversed by simply turning module by 180 deg and refitting into bulb contact adapter
  • Not a lot more to say about this. Well done for reading to the bottom




Muds Wheat Specification

Muds Wheat-LED