Pitlamp 2-tone 

The CustomPITLAMP 2-tone module is the most effective mining lamp LED conversion available, with spot and flood LEDs providing a range of efficient light settings up to 440 lumen, and simple caver friendly operation. 



2-tone Specification

  • 3 regulated light settings, 440 lumen maximum output
  • High power s5 XP-G3 LEDs (172 lumen @ 350mA @ 85 degC) 5000k neutral tint
  • Smooth spot optic for distant focus, and flood LED with effective optic
  • Super robust circuit architecture
  • Aluminium heat sink, and discreet thermal management**
  • Simple fitting, 3 screw terminal connections in Oldham or CEAG style lamps
  • No power drain on batteries when lamp is switched off
  • Progressive dimming at end of battery charge (will not just shut off when batteries are flat)
  • 6.0v maximum input, suited to range of battery possibilities *

           *suitable for series wired primary cells / nimh 4 cells 6v, lead acid 4v, li-ion 3.7v (4.2v charged) 


Spot LED

Flood LED


Typ. run time

(2.5Ah cells)

1 (switch a)



172 lumen

7 hours

2 (switch b)

1050mA (or 700mA*)


440 lumen 

(310 lumen)

2 hours (3 hours)

3 (switch b)



25 lumen

50 hours

* 700mA Spot LED setting selected using 'high-low' switch on module.

The regulated power settings levels for modules are given in mA. To determine the approximate regulated duration of light on your battery arrangement at a given power setting, simply divide the mAh capacity of your cell pack by the mA power draw at a given setting. For example, using 2100mAh NiMh low self discharge AA batteries at a power setting of 350mA will give a regulated duration in the region of 5-6 hours.


Suitable for lamps that run from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts (maximum), typically a 3 or 4 cell Nimh battery configuration, or parallel wired 3.7 li-ion cells. This includes Speleo Technics Headlites and FX3s, and lead acid mining lamps. Not suitable for 2.4v 2 series cell lamps such as FX2, 5 cell 6v+ lamps such as FX5, or series wired li-ion packs of 7.4v or higher.


** 350 mA flood (setting 1) recommended for sustainable progression underground, with reference to both battery and thermal management. High spot (setting 2) is not intended for sustained use. Module will get hot if operated continuously at high spot (setting 2), and LED will output will automatically drop to 50mA spot (setting 3) in order to protect LED from over temperature damage. High spot (setting 1) will run for longer before thermal management reduces output if set at 700mA output using PCB switch ! 


Pitlamp module fitting