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CustomPITLAMP modules

LED upgrades for mining lamp conversions


PitLamp Omni v5

Our most sophisticated mining lamp LED upgrade. 4 user configurable light settings, up to 620 lumen. Popular with cavers converting Oldham and CEAG headsets into caving lights. 


PitLamp CLUB

Simple, popular, entry level mining lamp (Oldham and CEAG) conversion module. 2 regulated light settings. 170 lumen flood LED or 310 lumens spot LED. 


Muds Wheat-LED

LED conversion module for Koehler Wheat Lamp. A bit of retro upgrade fun for lamp once widely used by US cavers. Yeah, while available :-)



Wheat LED

CustomDUO Shop 

The Online Shop allows payment with most debit and credit cards, without the requirement for a Paypal account. Add product to cart and option is offered at checkout. Customduo also accept UK cheque or bank transfer.  International orders welcome. We are currently shipping internationally (outside UK) at no extra postal charge. For more details please see delivery


Please note that we are a small manufacturing business. Officially we work Mon-Thurs (excluding public holidays). If closed for holidays etc we will provide notice on CustomDUO calendar.

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Classic Lamp Cable 1m

Classic lamp builders cable !! Many applications, including sorting out dodgy cable on Oldhams and other mining lamps. 2 core, diameter 5.7mm, current 15A. Length 1m (Bare cable only, multiple quantity order will be send as single longer length).



Classic lamp builders cable 1m

Oldham / Petzl Battery Box based caving lamps

Intermittant stock based on availability of reclaimed parts (Oldhams and Mk1 Petzl Zoom boxes). Rebuilt with new more appropriate cable. Ready for LED retrofit, or we can of course supply a CustomPITLAMP module. Read more about this classic cavers solution, and how to build you own (saving us the trouble).


£40  low stock (contact us)

Battery holder

Sick of troublesome plastic AA holders with poor battery fitment and gash coil spring connections. Nora 3 x AA battery holders, 3.6-4.5v nominal. Fits Petzl Zoom box !! Comes with JST connector, but easily adaptable to your requirement.



Nora 2 AA Battery Holder

Discontinued (new Pitlamp module available shortly)

Discontinued (new Pitlamp module available shortly)