Custom PITLAMP modules

CustomPITLAMP modules offer a significant upgrade for mining lamp headsets; the brightest and most efficient LED retrofit available. A range of modules are available, providing various combinations of flood and focus beam profiles, and regulated power levels settings, providiing an optimised balance of light to the caver. 

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CustomPITLAMP modules directly replace the original bulb and reflector (or early LED retrofit units). Modules can be easily fitted (utilising existing rubber seal and glass) with basic tools, into any of the conventional (e.g. Oldham/ CEAG) mining lamp headsets, and can also be used with Speleotechnics FX and headlites. We have also been informed that the modules fit in the French mining lamp ELAUL and in the Spanish mining lamp ADARO. 
CustomPITLAMP modules operate at 3.6-6.0 Volts, and are therefore suitable for 3 or 4 cell NiMh (or equivilent) battery configurations, including Speleotechnics Headlites and FX3. CustomPITLAMP modules have been designed to maximise the surface area of aluminium in order to best manage the significant heat levels generated by high power LEDs within lamps that were not originally intended to accommodate this technology. This is essential in order to protect the longevity of the modules and optimise LED efficiency, all helping to make CustomPITLAMP modules the most robust mining lamp LED upgrades available.



PL Omni v5 module 

The most sophisticated and effective mining lamp LED conversion available, offering output up to 620 lumen. Incorporating the very latest Cree LEDs, with dedicated optics for optimum light output and efficiency. Programmable power settings allowing LEDs to be operated both independently or blended together, customised to specific user requirement.


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PL Club module

Simple, entry level module aimed at caving club and outdoor centre lamps, or cavers that prefer an effective, no frills solution. 2 power levels, using same Cree LEDs as the PL Omni.



LED conversion module for US manufactured Koehler Wheat Lamp

(limited availability, while available).

Mining lamp headsets manufactured by Oldham and CEAG have been widely used by UK cavers, who have adapted these versatile head sets, typically in conjunction with Mk I Petzl Zoom helmet mounted battery boxes, an obvious evolution from the original waist mounted lead acid battery packs. There have also been commercially available caving lamps based on mining lamp headsets, most notably the Speleo technics FX and headlite range, all of which are potentially upgradeable!