FlippinTec modules

SL700 v2 module (for UK Sunlight SL4)

Retrofit LED module for UK (Underwater Kinetics) Sunlight SL4 xenon dive lights, popular for cave diving.


Now available with new Cree XP-G3 s5 LED providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC and 187 lumen/watt @25degC. Light temperature 5000K (neutral white).

SL700 (v2) Specification

  • High output regulated driver circuit providing 310 lumen at 700mA

  • Highest efficiency Cree XP-G3 s5 LED, 5000k (efficiency @ 172 lumen/watt) 

  • Output can be reduced to 172 lumen (350mA) for increased battery duration (solder jumper) 

  • Better performance than the UK SL4 Xenon (113 lumen at 5.5 Watts), and brighter than latest SL4 eLED*

  • 5.5 degree 'real spot' optic

  • Long, slow death once cells cannot sustain regulated current

  • NiMh or Alkaline (6v max.) 4 x C batteries

  • For use in water**

  • Simple fitting

SL700 (v2) Fitting



To fit SL700 module open UK Sunlight SL-4 and remove original reflector / xenon bulb assembly. Insert Flippin Tec SL-700 module into front end of SL-4 and align with main lamp body. With the SL-4 switch should be in the 'on' position, screw down / tighten front end until light comes on; and then further test by switching on & off. Do not overtighten

Note, by desoldering the jumper on SL-700 module (marked 'S' to right of microchip), module power and output can be reduced to 350mA @ 172 lumens, effectively doubling operating time on a given set of batteries.


If using for diving then make sure that bezel is on sufficiently to ensure that lamp is properly sealed. This is a DIY modification, and the water integrity of the conversion is your responsibility. If you have any reservations about your technical ability then do not purchase this unit  or attempt to carry out this conversion.  

Technical Information


* UK SL4 (Xenon). 113 lumen at 5.5 Watts)  http://www.uwkinetics.com/products/sl4-xenon


UK SL4 eLED. Claimed 400 lumen for 10 hours on alkaline C cells; umhh !!  Graph on data sheet shows 230 lumen (for 6-7 hours) to be a more realistic figure. http://www.uwkinetics.com/uploads/files/232/SL4-eLED-DIVE-USA-WEB.pdf

(UK eLED output appears to be either resistor controlled, or current control regulation has been set at an unsustainable level and consequently output is battery limited causing eLED to drop almost immediately out of regulation. Your guess is as good as ours).   

** Flippin Tec modules use high temperature rated LEDs, dumping a significant amount of the heat generated by LED via internal heatsinking and through the batteries. The SL700 module has been tested for thermal sustainability. Testing using 4500mAh Ansmann C cells. Duration 6+ hours. As a precautionary measure (probably unnecessary), to protect against thermal damage to the SL4 optical window, we suggest operation in water. It is a dive light.