FlippinTec modules

Q350 module (for UK mini Q40)

Retrofit LED module for UK (Underwater Kinetics) Mini Q40 dive lights, often used by cavers as back-up lights, and ever popular with cave divers. Fits original Xenon Mini q40 and some eLED versions (not eLED zoom with longer front end). See notes below. 


Now available with new Cree XP-G3 s5 LED providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC and 187 lumen/watt @25degC. Light temperature 5000K (neutral white).

Q350 (v2) Specification

  • Highest efficiency Cree XP-G3 s5 LED, 5000k providing 172 lumen   
  • Sensible power setting, providing excellent balance between light output and battery duration
  • Sustainable 350mA regulated driver circuit
  • Real spot optic (nice light output, not too narrow) 
  • Long, slow death once cells cannot sustain regulated current 
  • Better performance than the latest LED incarnation of the UK Mini Q40, the Mini eLED plus (67 lumen)
  • NiMh or Alkaline (6v max.) 4 x AA batteries, the standard arrangement.
  • Simple fitting, retain brass collar from the original UK Xenon Module (collar not always essential, see notes below)

Q350 (v2) Fitting

The Q350 (v2) requires the brass collar from the old xenon module that is being removed and replaced  (see photo). The brass collar can be seen on the original xenon module (the one at back of photo). The second module back is also an original xenon module, but with the collar removed, and subsequently fitted to Customduo Q350 module (the one at front of photo). The brass collar is easily extracted from old xenon module and easily fitted to Q350 (v2) module. If brass collar is not available, module can generally be fitted and operated without brass collar ... with care !! 

When fitting, test module is working, by pressing down with thumb to turn on. If not working then investigate polarity and connectivity. If testing OK, then refit Mini Q40 bezel by screwing down clockwise until the module lights up. When bezel is unscrewed, spring pressure in battery arrangement should be sufficient to turn module off.   When  operating, we advise that you only screw down bezel so far that module comes on. Screwing down further could potentially cause damage to the module and to the negative connection in Mini Q40. Similarly, only unscrew bezel far enough for light to go off. Operate light at the 'sweet spot' of bezel rotation.


If using for diving then make sure that bezel is on sufficiently to ensure that Q40 is properly sealed. The height of the positive contact on the base of the module can be reduced if necesary to facilite effective bezel closure. A light rub with a bit of sand paper will achieve this. We leave them on the long side to accomodate any variations in lamp bodies. This is a DIY modification, and the water integrity of the conversion is your responsibility. If you have any reservations about your technical ability then do not purchase this unit  or attempt to carry out this conversion. It is not idiot proof !! 

Mini Q40  


The original mini Q40, 'the best selling dive torch on the planet', features an expensive to replace xenon bulb module, providing 38 lumens at a hefty 2.1 watts. This is the model (shown above) and can be upgraded with the Flippin Tec Q350 Module.




The latest version, the mini eLED plus runs at a quoted 2 watts (considerably more than a Fippin Tec Q-350 module), but produces just 67 lumens. Note, the Flippin Tec module will not fit the eLED version, as it has an extended front end, when compared to the original, upgradeable UK Mini Q40 xenon.